15×50 Indoor Storage Units for RVs and Toys in Lake Stevens

When you own multiple vehicles, it can certainly be tough to find the room to store them. Many oversize vehicles, such as your recreational vehicle (RV) can end up in your backyard, in your driveway, or even on the street, as many homeowners simply don’t have a garage large enough. Even ones that do still know that while their vehicles aren’t being exposed to Mother Nature’s elements, they are also being exposed to varied changes in temperature. If you’ve been looking for 15×50 storage units for RVs and toys in Lake Stevens, come to Toy Garage VIP Storage for all of your automotive storage needs.

The great thing about Toy Garage VIP Storage is the fact that all of our units are heated. This means that your vehicles stay at the same temperature all year long no matter what. In addition, they are also not being exposed to the weather, so they’re protected from wind, rain, sleet, snow, sun, and severe storms. All of our units are completely enclosed and secure to fully protect your vehicle or other toys.

Not only do we have storage units to fit your recreational or another large vehicle, but we also have plenty of room for all of your other toys. Look to Toy Garage for choices in your boat storage, as well as your all-terrain vehicle or ATV, motorcycle, classic car, hauler, or trailer. We also have storage for your everyday car, truck, or SUV that’s just as protective.

For more information about 15×50 storage units for RVs and toys in Lake Stevens, contact Taylor at Toy Garage VIP Storage at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 to reserve a spot today.