15×50 Indoor Storage Units for RVs and Toys Near Highway 2

Owning an RV definitely comes with its up and with its downs. The ups, of course, include seeing the United States as it’s meant to be seen, and with the downs come yearly maintenance and the idea of where to store your RV. If you store it in your backyard or driveway, then there’s the possibility of Mother Nature taking its toll on your vehicle, with everything from wind, sleet, and rain, to snow, and sun. There’s also the possibility of substantial storm damage or vandals. If you have been looking for 15×50 indoor storage units for RVs and toys near Highway 2, look to Toy Garage VIP Storage for all of your needs.

All of our units are completely climate controlled, which means that they stay at precisely the same temperature all year long, so there are never extreme changes. Plus, all units are secure and enclosed, so they protect vehicles from weather and other problems such as vandals. Not only do we have room for your RV or motorhome, but we can also house many of your other toys, such as your boat, hauler, trailer, classic car, ATV, or your car, truck, or SUV. We offer quick indoor access to all of our owners so that when you come to pick up your vehicle, it is never a hassle. It shouldn’t be tough to try to take your vehicle for a spin. We also offer online bill pay.

For more information about 15×50 indoor storage units for RVs and toys near Highway 2, contact Taylor today at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 to learn about us at Toy Garage VIP Storage, or to reserve your spot.