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Protect Your RV with Heated Storage Units Near Marysville

Protect Your RV with Heated Storage Units Near Marysville

RVs, motorhomes, and 5th wheels are all recreational vehicles. While some people live in them full time and travel frequently, most folks do not. In fact, very few people use them every weekend the entire year. Leaving your RV parked outside your home is often what happens, but that can cause damage. Severe weather can cause wear and tear on an expensive investment. The better option would be to take advantage of recreational vehicle heated storage units near Marysville. Toy Garage has what you need.

Why Choose to Store Your RV?

There are many reasons it’s a good idea to use a heated storage unit for your recreational vehicle. One reason might be if you live in a community that has a Home Owners Association. In situations like that, storing one on your property is forbidden. Or they may require you to build a storage place for your motorhome. Renting a unit is much easier in the long run. Other reasons include:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Security against vandalism or damage
  • Easy access

Protect Your Investment

RVs are costly. Protecting that investment is easy when you use Toy Garage’s storage units. Not only do you have private access, but we have security that monitors the units continually. Storms, critters, and bad weather can do serious damage to recreational vehicles. You do not need to worry about that with recreational vehicle heated storage units near Marysville. Contact our team today at (425) 212-1168 to reach Taylor or at (425) 272-9564 to reach Ty.

Protect Your Vehicles with Indoor Heated Storage Near Monroe

Protect Your Vehicles with Indoor Heated Storage Near Monroe

Many people have vehicles they need to protect from winter weather and everything that accompanies it, such as snow and ice. It may be you have an RV that is too big for your garage, or you simply don’t have a garage. No matter the reason, keeping your vehicle safe from freezing temperatures, ice and snow become extremely important. At Toy Garage, we have an indoor heated storage facility near Monroe that can handle all your vehicle storage needs.

What Can You Store?

Our indoor heated storage is perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs, but we also rent space for other kinds of vehicles, as well. You can safely park your:

  • Motorhome
  • Boat
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • Trailer
  • Hauler
  • Tractor

With over 31,000 square feet available, we have room for all your essential vehicles and the ones that are just for fun.

Climate-Controlled Units

Our indoor storage units are climate controlled, fully enclosed, and secure. Vehicles do not deteriorate in an even year-round temperature like they do in other situations. You can access your vehicle or recreational vehicle whenever you want. This allows you to enjoy your vehicle while protecting it at the same time.

We offer online bill payment for a smooth transaction every time. If you want to ensure your vehicle is well protected in severe weather, contact Toy Garage and ask about our indoor heated storage facility near Monroe. Contact Toy Garage by calling Taylor at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 for more information. We can reserve a spot for you today that will provide quality protection for all your vehicles.

Preparing Your ATV All-Terrain Vehicle For Long-Term Indoor Heated Storage Near Snohomish County

Preparing Your ATV All-Terrain Vehicle For Long-Term Indoor Heated Storage Near Snohomish County

The winter months can become challenging for ATV enthusiasts that want to safely store their rigs. You may also find that you are going to temporarily have a lack of space, and you need somewhere to safely store your ATV. When you get ready to bring your recreational toy in for a while, there are several things that you can do to make sure it is ready for ATV all-terrain vehicle indoor heated storage near Snohomish County.

These are some great tips that you can keep in mind so that your ATV remains in pristine condition during storage:


Take the time to thoroughly clean your ATV and make sure that you use some sort of protectant on all of the plastic components. A quick spray of WD-40 on your exhaust pipe will also help to prevent the potential for rust and keep dust out. However, with our units at Toy Garage, you will have the bonus of protection from the elements!

Fuel Care

You need to know that gas can go bad if your ATV will be sitting for a long time. Many owners will drain the tank (if made of plastic) and you can also run the engine with a full course of fuel stabilizer.

Battery Life

Unused batteries can die rather quickly when in storage, so you can look for a battery tender. This is a great option when you want to keep the battery charged – just be sure that you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Due to deflation when not in use, you want to ensure your tires are inflated to the max. You can also check them every few weeks to see what their levels are.

Oil and Filter

Changing out your oil and filter will make sure that you never have any debris or dirt inside that can congeal over time. A fresh filter and oil will ensure that all moving parts stay lubricated. Just try to visit your ATV every month or so to let your engine turn over at least once or twice.


This is optional with our indoor heated facilities because everything is temperature-controlled. However, if you want to be on the safe side, look for a covering that fits your model so that your ATV is always ready to roll when you are!

When you need ATV all-terrain vehicle indoor heated storage near Snohomish County, you can always count on us at Toy Garage to provide you with safe, clean, and secure facilities. Call Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 for details!

Offering the Best Indoor Heated RV Storage for Rent Near Monroe

Offering the Best Indoor Heated RV Storage for Rent Near Monroe

For the past couple of years, you’ve been putting a fraction of your paycheck towards an exceptional investment. Now the day is finally here, and it’s time to take your brand new RV home! All of the future possibilities stream through your head. You envision taking the RV camping and on long family road trips. You see this potential, and you want to get the most use out of this new investment for the longest stretch of time. In order to make sure this happens, it’s important for RV owners to determine the most optimal place to store their purchases. At Toy Garage, we recommend our indoor heated RV storage for rent near Monroe.

Long-term exposure to the elements can greatly alter the condition of your RV.  Humid weather can cause mold, leaks, and other issues, while hot and dry weather can cause sun damage. Many people do not want to pay extra for an indoor storage facility when they have a perfectly sufficient driveway to park the RV in while not in use. However, a question to ask yourself is, “Isn’t a small fee every month worth it if it adds an extra few years on to the RV’s lifespan?”

Utilizing indoor-climate controlled storage affords more benefits than simply preserving the integrity of your investment. This storage space also provides a measure of security that you do not get from leaving the RV outside 24/7. By protecting your vehicle in a secure, temperature-controlled unit, this will also serve to make this model easier to sell down the line when you decide to upgrade. 

Toy Garage offers superior indoor heated RV storage for rent near Monroe.  To maintain your RV’s pristine condition, we highly recommend reaching out to us. Call Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 with any questions you may have.

Indoor Heated Motorhome Storage Near Lynnwood – A Premier Option

Indoor Heated Motorhome Storage Near Lynnwood - A Premier Option

Being a proud owner of a motorhome can be both a blessing and a curse. The ample size is useful for going on adventures, offering patrons an extra semblance of comfort. However, finding storage for such a large vehicle can prove a problem depending on your location and unique situation. Motorhomes are fairly sustainable in adverse weather conditions, but long-term exposure will take a toll on the vehicle. This is why it is essential to find a reliable storage space to protect your assets. Toy Garage offers indoor heated motorhome storage near Lynnwood, and you won’t have to pay a fortune for access to it.

Our storage units provide a haven to store your vehicle without compromising access or the integrity of your investment. We offer a climate-controlled storage facility that proves essential if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. This facility can be accessed 24/7, so time constraints are not an issue, and you are free to pick up and drop off the motorhome as you see fit.  

At Toy Garage, our personnel takes pride in the facilities, and in turn, are diligent with its upkeep. We always do our best to ensure we maintain a clean and welcoming environment that you can feel secure storing your vehicle. As an extra measure of protection, state-of-the-art security cameras are strategically placed throughout the facility to ensure everything is operating smoothly at all times.

If you have been in search of a trust-worthy facility to house your motorhome in, then indoor heated motorhome storage near Lynnwood is the answer to all of your prayers. Call Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 today for an estimate!

Reasons to Prioritize Enclosed & Secure Storage Units Near Granite Falls

Indoor Heated Motorhome Storage Near Highway 2

Reasons to Prioritize Enclosed & Secure Storage Units Near Granite FallsWhen we invest a decent amount of money into a new toy, the goal is to preserve its pristine condition for as long as possible. This can seem an impossible challenge when outside forces threaten the integrity of this investment. Finding a credible, enclosed & secure storage unit near Granite Falls helps eradicate all of this worry and uncertainty.

We offer storage for almost all recreational vehicles, including boats, trucks, RVs, ATVs, and many more. No matter what your storage needs are, Toy Garage has all of the bases covered.


Toy Garage utilizes 30 cameras that monitor everything that happens on our property 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nothing happens on our property that we don’t know about. License plate tags are recorded upon entering and exiting the property, checking the concern of theft and vandalism.

Accommodating Arena

Whether looking for ATV storage, or an arena to protect your boat from the elements, Toy Garage provides a safe haven. Our 15×50 foot units are accommodating to almost any type of recreational vehicle. You can either park the vehicle in yourself or we have staff on hand to assist you in doing so. We can also help you assess how much storage you genuinely need before committing to a unit.

Protection From the Elements

Mother Nature is a tremendous yet unpredictable force. That being said, the last thing any of us want is a force of nature coming and wreaking havoc on our prized possessions. This concern is eliminated when investing in an enclosed storage unit. Although the individual units are not temperature controlled, they do provide adequate protection from extreme elements that can cause considerable damage over time.

Look no further than Toy Garage if you are in search of enclosed & secure storage units near Granite Falls. Call Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 today!

Why Choose Oversized Indoor Storage Units In Snohomish County?

Why Choose Oversized Indoor Storage Units In Snohomish County?

Anyone in the market for substantial self-storage options should know that an indoor unit is usually a great way to go. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to have oversized indoor storage units in Snohomish County, you will see that taking your time to make the best selection pays off in the end.

Are you looking to store your recreational vehicle? Do you have other toys like ATVs, classic cars, and other large items that you have to store away from your property? If so, then going with an oversized unit indoors is a nice way to ensure that your prized possessions remain protected at all times.

How Much Storage Will You Need?

For many people, trying to determine exactly how much storage they need can be the most difficult part of the process. It is best that you first identify everything that you would like to put into storage. At Toy Garage, we have a range of storage units that are tall enough for your large motorhome and any other vehicles that you would like to store. We also have plenty of spaces just right for boats, equipment, and more.

Can I Fit Lots of Different Items Into My Oversized Unit?

The great thing about our indoor oversized units is that they are very versatile. If you select a private unit, you can load everything from ATVs and small tractors to furniture and outdoor equipment in there. We would be able to go over your needs for storage so that we can find the perfect unit to fit.

When it comes to oversized indoor storage units in Snohomish County, Toy Garage has you covered. Call Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 today!

We Have The Space You Need – 15×50 Indoor Storage Units For RV’s & Toys In Everett

We Have The Space You Need - 15x50 Indoor Storage Units For RV's & Toys In Everett

When you are not traveling or heading out for adventures, then it is essential that you have an excellent spot for storing your trailer, camper, motorhome, ATV, or any other recreational toys that you have. This should be a storage option that is not only affordable but also easy to access, which is where Toy Garage can help! We have plenty of great options available for you, including 15×50 indoor storage units for RV’s & toys in Everett.

If you have an RV but not enough room at home, it is imperative that you find a great place for storage. Not everyone has the garage space or additional land around their property to safely house such vehicles without worry of damage from the elements, falling branches, and more. Even if you have a two-car garage, the chances are good that you will only be able to put an ATV, small trailer, or camper in one bay.  You will have to look for unique storage to house a Class A motorhome, which can range from 29 to 45 feet in length.

Toy Garage offers you convenient storage options for your RV or toys, which come with a great deal of affordability and security. While we have a range of outdoor storage spaces up for grabs, you will have a secure and beautiful place to keep your prized possessions when you look into our indoor units measuring 15×50.

The advantages of our indoor storage units include:

  • Security – This is the best option for security to give you an added layer of protection for your recreational vehicle. In addition to the ability to lock your unit, all of our grounds are monitored carefully with security cameras.
  • Weather Protection – An indoor storage space means that you will never have to worry about the elements, such as excessive sun, wind, rain, and more. We also have climate-controlled interiors for the ultimate environment to safely house your RV, motorhome, trailer, or other vehicles you would like to store.

Are you interested in 15×50 indoor storage units for RV’s & toys in Everett? Call Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 at Toy Garage today for details!

Need Cars, Trucks & SUV Indoor Heated Storage Near Snohomish County? Toy Garage Has You Covered!

Need Cars, Trucks & SUV Indoor Heated Storage Near Snohomish County? Toy Garage Has You Covered!When it comes to protecting your vehicle from the elements, you may have to find storage other than your home. If it is a vehicle that you don’t use daily, working with Toy Garage is a great way to protect your vehicle from damage due to weather and sitting out. If you’re looking for cars, trucks & SUV indoor heated storage near Snohomish County, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Toy Garage, we’ve got you covered. We provide well-maintained storage facilities for our customers to protect their investment and keep it out of the weather. Check out the advantages of our storage units below:

Security Is Top Priority

Protecting your investment is the top priority for both you and our storage facility. We provide a 24/7 surveillance system that is always keeping an eye on the property. Each location has access codes, and there’s a security fence protecting the property. This keeps people out who don’t have a reason to be there.

Garage Space

Keeping your vehicle safe means keeping it in a garage. However, your daily drive is probably already in your garage at home. That is where Toy Garage comes in. Ample garage space is provided to keep your car, truck, or SUV out of the weather and looking pristine.


You may need to come in after work to work on your vehicle. You’ll find all the units have electricity running to them to provide you with the power you need.

If you’re looking to find cars, trucks & SUV indoor heated storage near Snohomish County, Toy Garage has you covered. Contact Taylor at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 today to learn more.