Indoor Heated Motorhome Storage Near Arlington WA

Having a motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV) means that you’re bound to have a great time this summer, taking a road trip to wherever you choose. However, there is always the problem of where to store your motorhome when you’re not using it. Most vehicle owners don’t like to leave their motorhome outside to be exposed to winter’s harsh elements for many months out of the year but don’t have a choice because of space reasons. If you need indoor heated motorhome storage near Arlington WA, you’ve come to the right place with Toy Garage VIP Storage.

We have over 30,000 square feet of space in which you can store many of your “toys” that otherwise end up being in your backyard or garage all summer. One of the best things about our storage facility is that all of our garages are heated. This means that your vehicle stays at the same temperature all year long, no matter what. Your motorhome won’t be exposed to changes in temperature, wind, rain, sun, sleet, or snow, and remains in pristine condition. While you likely want to use your motorhome, this is great to know should you ever decide to sell it.

Going beyond motorhomes, we can offer space for your boat, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), hauler, trailer, or classic car. We also provide storage for your everyday vehicles, such as your car, truck, or SUV. To learn more about indoor heated motorhome storage near Arlington WA, contact Taylor at Toy Garage VIP Storage today at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 to learn more about us or to reserve a spot. We care as much about your toys as you do.