Indoor Heated Motorhome Storage Near Sultan

Owning a few toys or vehicles can be a great hobby, and can provide you with the ability to do different things, such as see the country with a motorhome. However, most homeowners don’t have the space to store multiple vehicles beyond their car, truck, or SUV. If you keep vehicles in your backyard or on the street, then they’re exposed to the elements all year long. While Washington winters can be brutal with snow, sleet, cold, and ice, summers offer extreme heat as well as the sun, which can peel and fade paint. If you’ve been looking for an indoor solution to storage and need indoor heated motorhome storage near Sultan, look no further than Toy Garage VIP Storage.

We can offer over 30,000 square feet of space in which to store your multiple toys, including your motorhome. While other vehicle storage places may provide carport-type storage with an overhang, or a garage, we offer climate-controlled and heated units that ensure your vehicle is kept in its top condition, no matter what. This is especially important if you ever plan to sell your car, so the buyer sees how it was pristinely kept.

We can offer you storage for many different types of vehicles, well beyond your everyday car, truck, or SUV. You can store your motorhome or RV, hauler or trailer, motorcycle or ATV, your boat, and your classic car with us. Rest assured that we offer owners easy indoor access, so it’s never a hassle when you want to take your toys for a spin or a cruise.

To learn more about indoor heated motorhome storage near Sultan, contact Taylor at Toy Garage today at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 to learn more about us or to reserve a spot.