Indoor Heated RV Storage for Rent Near Marysville

If you own an RV or other oversize vehicles, you’re already familiar with the challenges you have to face when it comes to storage during the offseason. If it’s the season when you’re using your RV, things are typically okay, but letting it sit for months in your backyard or driveway is not the best for it. This can do small bits of damage such as peeling paint, but it’s also not great for the mechanics of the vehicle. If you’ve been thinking about indoor heated RV storage for rent near Marysville, turn to Toy Garage VIP Storage for all of your storage needs.

We have many different storage units that are great for any type of toy, and we have room not just for your oversize vehicle or RV, but for your other toys as well, with space for your boat, classic car, hauler, trailer, ATV, motorcycle, and more. Toy Garage also has room for your car, truck, or SUV. All of our units are enclosed and secure, so not only does Mother Nature not harm your vehicle, you’re safe from other issues, such as burglary and vandalism. But, the best part about Toy Garage is the climate-controlled environment that we have to offer. Your cars stay at the same temp all year round, with no varying degrees of temperature. All of our units are heated and controlled. We also offer online bill pay and easy indoor access, so it’s never a hassle when you want to come to pick up your vehicle.

To learn more about indoor heated RV storage for rent near Marysville, contact Taylor at Toy Garage today at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 to hear about us or to reserve a spot.