Indoor Heated Storage Facility Near Lynnwood

Perhaps you’re in a situation where you have a few vehicles, but unfortunately, you don’t have the room to store them all on your property. Even if you have the backyard or outside space, storing larger vehicles, such as a boat or an RV, outside leaves your vehicles to the elements, coming in contact with wind, rain, snow, and ice all winter long. If you’ve been looking for an indoor heated storage facility near Lynnwood, Toy Garage is precisely what you’re looking for.

All of our facilities are completely climate controlled, which means that no matter what you store with us – whether it’s your everyday driver or a classic Porsche, is not only protected from the elements all year long but is in a heated, indoor facility. Here at Toy Garage, we can store nearly any type of vehicle you have, from boats to recreational vehicles (RVs), to ATVs and motorcycles, and even haulers and trailers.

There’s also plenty of room for classic cars and trucks, or everyday cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can rest assured that we always offer reasonable rates so that you can store all of your toys without hassle or worry. If you ever expect to sell any of your vehicles one day, you want them in that classic showroom condition.

We also offer secure online bill pay, as well as indoor drop-off, so you’re not freezing when you come to drop a car or truck off. For more information about an indoor heated storage facility near Lynwood, contact Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 at Toy Garage to learn about different options and pricing. We care about the safety and security of all your vehicles.