Indoor Heated Storage Facility Near Marysville

When you are looking for a good option for an indoor heated storage facility near Marysville, we have you covered at Toy Garage.

While you may want to use a traditional storage facility for regular household items or business storage, toy storage is a whole new ball game. Your recreational vehicles are a significant investment, so you need to do whatever possible to protect them. With our indoor, climate-controlled facility, we take all of the hassles and stress out of trying to keep your most prized possessions in excellent condition.

There are many incredible advantages of using our storage facility, including:

  • The ability to free up your yard or garage space
  • Not having to winterize your motor coach, camper motorcycle, classic car, or boat
  • A variety of storage options available for month-to-month, yearly, or seasonal use

With Toy Garage, our facility is just right for parking your car, RV, motorcycle, and other toys when not in use. We offer a wide range of storage options that you can choose from, including larger spaces for commercial vehicles, boats, and much more. To make it even easier on you when it comes time to store, we also feature wide drive aisles as well as parking areas that are paved to make everything easy to access.

An indoor storage unit is an excellent idea for any customer who has a variety of toys but not enough storage space at home. Instead of you having to store your vehicle outside, you can rent out the perfect space at our facility where you know it is protected at all times.

Call Taylor at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 to learn more about Toy Garage when you need an indoor heated storage facility near Marysville.