Indoor Heated Storage Facility Near Mill Creek

If you have a lot of toys (vehicles) that are important to you, but you’re not sure what to do with them, consider an indoor heated storage facility near Mill Creek, such as Toy Garage, is a must for you. Our climate-controlled facility gives you just the right answer to the question of where to store all of your prized possession. We have different buildings and facilities for myriad different types of vehicles, from your everyday driver extra car to your boat, to even your RV.

Climate-controlled also means heated, which means that this protects your vehicles from the elements. There are many reasons to do this – first of all, to preserve the vehicle so that you can use it when you want to. Having an RV or boat in your backyard exposes it to rust, dirt, wind, rain, snow, and more, and can cause it to age well before its time. Also, if you plan on reselling any of your vehicles someday, you’ll want them in that pristine showroom condition that matters to buyers.

We are pleased to announce that we offer over 30,000 square feet to our customers so that you have ample space. We also provide other conveniences as well, such as online bill pay. Also, when you come to take your vintage car or motorcycle for a spin, you won’t have a hassle. Pickup and dropoff points are inside as well so that everything – including you – is protected and covered.

To learn more about an indoor heated storage facility near Mill Creek, contact Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 at Toy Garage. We’re just as concerned as you are about the safety of your favorite toys.