Indoor Heated Storage Facility Near Sultan

A long winter and harsh elements can take a toll on any type of vehicle, whether it’s your everyday daily driver or your boat. Also, many folks just don’t have the means to store multiple vehicles on their property. Even if you have a garage with several stalls, it can be pretty tough to store a boat. This is where Toy Garage comes in to help keep your toys safe from the elements and ready for the road (or water) when you want them. If you have been looking for an indoor heated storage facility near Sultan, we have reasonable rates and the accommodations you’ve been looking for.

We can store nearly any type of vehicle you have in mind, from your everyday car, truck, or SUV, to exotic and classic cars as well as your “toys.” This could be anything from your recreational vehicle (RV), ATVs, boats, haulers, and more. We offer over 30,000 square feet to our customers in which to store your large or small vehicles. All of our facilities are climate controlled and heated, which means that your vehicles will never be exposed to the elements and will be in showroom condition. If you plan on selling any of your boats, RVs, or cars, later on, it’s a great idea to keep them in storage, so they’re in top condition for the new buyer. We offer secure online bill pay as well as indoor load and unload, so you don’t have to freeze when you’re dropping your toys off.

For more information about an indoor heated storage facility near Sultan, contact Taylor (425) 212-1168 or Ty (425) 272-9564 at Toy Garage to learn about all of the options available to you.