Oversized Indoor Storage Units in Bothell

When you have a luxury or oversize vehicle, you get a lot of benefits from it. For example, it’s fun to take an RV around the country in the summer, or it’s great to use a hauler or trailer for your needs. But, when the time comes to store them, finding the perfect spot can be cumbersome. Storing your favorite “toys” outside isn’t good for them. The winter brings snow, sleet, ice, and wind, while the summer brings blazing hot sun and heat. If you need oversized indoor storage units in Bothell, Toy Garage has exactly what you need.

All of our units are completely enclosed and secure, which allows you to rest easy when it comes to worries such as theft or vandalism. When it comes to the issue of the temperature outside or the elements, you can rest easy as well. All of our units are completely climate controlled, and your vehicles will remain at essentially the same temp all year round. No worries about Mother Nature or extreme change in temperature.

We have different storage units for your boat, hauler, trailer, motorcycle, ATV, RV, and more. We can also store your classic car or everyday car, truck, or SUV. None of our units are carports or overhangs – all of our units are enclosed and secure. Owners have easy indoor access all of the time so that when it comes time to pick up your vehicle, it’s never a hassle.

If you are hoping to learn a bit more about oversized indoor storage units in Bothell, contact Taylor at Toy Garage at (425) 212-1168 or Ty at (425) 272-9564 to learn more about us or to reserve a space.