Recreational Vehicle Heated Storage Units Near Arlington, WA

Driving your recreational vehicle (RV) around the country is indeed something to look forward to every summer. But if you own an RV, how often do you think about how you store it for the rest of the year? If you have a big enough backyard, you can store it outside. Very few RV owners have a garage they park it in, just because of the size of the vehicle. When you need recreational vehicle heated storage units near Arlington, WA, Toy Garage has just what you’re looking for.

We offer over 30,000 square feet to store your most prized possessions and vehicles. Even if you have the room to park an RV on your property, it’s at the mercy of the elements all winter long – and Washington winters can be brutal. This means that your RV is getting inundated with rain, snow, ice, and sleet, which can certainly damage its resale value. Even if you never plan on reselling, you always want your RV to look its best as you’re driving down the road.

We also offer storage for many of your other oversize vehicles, such as boats, ATVs, motorcycles, trailers, and haulers. We also can store vintage and classic cars as well as everyday cars, trucks, and SUVs. We offer indoor access so your vehicle is always easily accessible and you can take it whenever you please. Online bill pay is another feature we offer.

To hear more about recreational vehicle heated storage units near Arlington, WA, contact Taylor at Toy Garage today at (425) 212-1168 or Taylor at (425 )272-9564 to find out about all of your available options or to reserve a space.